Music for Dance by John Hanks

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  • "....The "Here Come the Drums," "Drumjazz," offer great variety and energy for our classes. Keep Recording...PLEASE! Our students enjoy it - actually prefer it to the top "pop" music. I appreciate that there isn't a forced/imposed emotional component. Thank you!!"
  • "I like your work very much, have used it in many classes, and at many convention classes. I have turned my colleagues on to it, as well. Two are tappers - works so well for tap."
  • "I think your music is fantastic for dance classes. I even use them for Ballet for something different for the kids."
  • "I used the "Here Comes the Drum" CD for across the floor steps, as a sub in some summer ballet classes. Students LOVED it. They said, "Is this CD made for ballet class?". I said, "Uh, no, not really. But it's for dancing... any kind, and fun dancing." Love, the music... make more CD's."